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WOW, color WOW!

David ContrerasComment

WOW, these products speak for themselves! I don’t know how many times my clients look in the mirror and simply go WOW!

I’m going to share a few of the products I really like and why…

Newest product out is the DREAM FILTER - this product is a pre-shampooing mineral and metal remover from the hair. Apply before shampooing and leave for three minutes. It’ll help remove brassy-ness and leave the hair rich and vibrant. Can also be used on that brassy band between your natural hair and ombre or balayage to help eliminate that orange tone.

BRASS BANNED MOUSSE - Comes in green for brunettes and lavender for blondes, either way it helps remove brassy-ness with brunette and remove the yellow from blonde hair.

The COCKTAILS - KALE, COCONUT & CARB… after shampooing use the cocktail of choice as a leave in conditioner, dime size amount, KALE is for repair, COCONUT is for moisture, CARB is for volume, plumpyness You can layer these cocktails but you always want to start with KALE because it has the most repairing benefits.HEAT ACTIVATED

DREAM COAT- the very last product used before styling. coats the hair, seals in and shines. last for three shampoos, apply section by section and comb thru. It’s everyone’s favorite product…available for curly or regular hair HEAT ACTIVATED

Those are a few of my favorites. will share more later!